Kellyanne Conway – “I Wonder Why Media Isn’t Covering Our Immigrant First Lady?

Kellyanne Conway doesn’t comprehend why the media isn’t making a greater whine out of the way that the First Lady, Melania Trump, is herself a migrant.

“It’s so gratifying to me to see that in 2017, frankly, an immigrant first lady,” Conway said on Fox News’ “Media Buzz” in an interview that aired Sunday. “Who is covering that story? Why isn’t she out there?”

She then said that it was not being covered because of liberal bias: “Because she’s not singing kumbaya with the protesters and their signs with privileged white kids coming out the ivory tower saying ‘look at my sign.’ They have no idea what they are protesting. They are in this culture of sameness.”

“The woman is beautiful inside and out. She’s brilliant. She speaks five languages, I speak one because I’m American,” Conway said, later insisting that it was notable “to have an immigrant as our first lady, somebody who waited and went through the proper channels and waited, I’m told, up to 10 years to … get everything approved.”

The comments were the end cap to a strange week for Conway, who had to apologize for making comments about a nonexistent “Bowling Green Massacre” and had to be counseled on ethics after seemingly endorsing Ivanka Trump’s product line during an interview at the White House.


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