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Katrina Sharkey: “The World Bank Will Continue to Support the Beninese Government”

The Minister of Justice of Benin and the representative of the World Bank paid a joint working visit on Thursday, November 22, to the Cotonou Commercial Court.

The Minister of Justice and Legislation, Séverin Maxime Quenum and the Resident Representative of the World Bank in Benin, Katrina Sharkey, made this joint working visit to the Cotonou Commercial Court.


According to the resident representative of the World Bank in Benin, the performance of Benin’s commercial justice system has been particularly unsatisfactory in recent years, with long, unpredictable procedures and sometimes questionable decisions from time to time.


Added to this is the negative access to financing on investment and the country’s economic attractiveness.

But thanks to the financial support offered by her institution, which is of the order of 1 billion CFA francs, she explained, it was set up the Commercial Court and a specialized appeal court suitable.

“The World Bank will continue to support the Beninese government for commercial, rapid, efficient, transparent and high-quality justice. I can assure you that financial resources will be made available for the establishment of a proper information system for the management of Tribunal records. There will also be software deployment and the provision of new equipment by the World Bank, “she added.

In turn, the Minister of Justice and Legislation Minister Séverin Maxime Quenum said that the effective commissioning of the Cotonou Commercial Court is a consecration of the government’s commitment to improve the climate of trade. business in Benin through quality commercial justice.


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