Kathy Griffin Re-tweets Her Controversial Donald Trump Severed Head Photo That Got Her Fired From CNN

Comedian Kathy Griffin retweeted the controversial photograph showing the severed head of an effigy of Donald Trump after the President claimed victory in the election.


Griffin, 60 is seen holding the head which is covered in fake blood. The controversial image, which Griffin said saw her investigated by the secret service, was posted shortly after the President prematurely declared he had won the 2020 Election.



The original picture, first posted in 2017 and taken by photographer Tyler Shields, faced condemnation from across the political spectrum and the 60-year-old said she even received death threats from Trump supporters in its aftermath. The threats got so bad she had to have metal detectors installed at her home.


Griffin was dropped from CNN’s New Year’s Eve show and co-host Anderson said the photo was “clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate”.


She had been the co-host of CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast for 10 years before she was fired in the aftermath of the photo.


Griffin initially apologized for the photograph but later revoked that statement and now stands by the photo and insists it was free speech.


Kathy’s recent post has received mixed reactions.


“If a conservative did this everyone would lose their fucking minds. Enough of the double standards,” a Twitter user wrote in reaction to Kathy resharing the graphic photo.


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