Kate Middleton; Duchess Of Cambridge’s Fortune Revealed – And It Dwarfs Meghan Markle’s Networth

THE Duchess of Cambridge joined the royal family in 2011, and her personal fortune has since gone from strength to strength.

Before marrying Prince William, she was already a wealthy woman, with her family believed to have business holdings of £36.2million.

Since joining the royal family, Kate’s wealth is believed to have increased through a a frugal savings strategy.

Luckily for Kate, all of her expenses are covered by Prince Charles’ estate, meaning her personal fortune does not need to be spent.

Kate's fortune dwarfs Meghan Markle's


Once Charles takes over as King, it is believed that Kate and Wills’ fortune will increase.

This has led to her net worth growing to an estimated £7.3million.

Although this is dwarfed by many other royals, it nearly doubles that of Prince Harry’s future wife, Meghan Markle.

And when added to her husband’s fortune and her clothing sales and tourism revenue, the money Kate generates is much higher.

The “Kate Middleton effect”, based on Kate’s support of British fashion, is believed to be worth £1billion to the UK.

Their children are also reaping the rewards, with prince George worth £2.4billion to the British economy, and Charlotte worth £3.2billion.

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