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Karlmann Kings: The World’s Most Expensive SUV Goes On Sale For £1.56 Million

Just when you think the world of super-SUVs can’t get any more preposterous, along comes this, the £1.56 million Karlmann King. It is billed as a “ground stealth fighter” and an “unprecedented visual feast” thanks to its striking looks inspired by the United States Air Force’s Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter.

With a list price starting from $1.56 million, it is claimed to be the most expensive SUV thus far. To put that into perspective, you could buy no fewer than eight Bentley Bentaygas for the same sum.

Only ten Karlmann Kings will ever be built, according to its Chinese maker, and when looking at the outside, the black four-wheel drives seem to have come straight out of a DC comic book.

And while the vehicle’s exterior looks like the Batmobile on synthol injections, the inside offers a more slick appearance with luxury seats, a games console and a Champagne fridge.


Many of the interior features are controlled via an app, including seats, the air purifier, the flatscreen TV and the indoor neon lights.

As well as a stocked Champagne fridge, the Karlmann King also has an espresso machine and a Playstation 4.

The maximum speed of the vehicle is 140km per hour (87miles per hour) and the sharp-angle exterior is made from carbon fibre and steel.

The car weighs 4.5 tonnes, however prospective buyers are offered to upgrade their chassis to make it bullet proof, which takes the weight up to six tonnes.

The car is named after a 6th century king of a part of modern-day France – Carloman I – a younger brother of Charlemagne, the first Holy Roman Emperor.

It is unclear why Carloman was chosen to give his name to the vehicle, as he appears to have had a short and troublesome reign before dying of natural causes in 771 aged 20.

Photos credit: Karimann King


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