Kanye West Sued For $1million By Opera Staff Over Unpaid Wages

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Kanye West is being sued for $1million by workers at his live opera show, Kanye West Nebuchadnezzar Opera.

The musician, 43, is reportedly being accused of owing staff ‘unpaid wages’ and of ‘failing to pay minimum wage and overtime’.

Kanye debuted his opera at the Hollywood Bowl last year, and the bizarre 50-minute show was deemed to be a ‘money grab’ with Kanye only appearing on stage for the climactic photocall.

The Blast write that court documents claim a hair assistant who worked on the opera is owed ‘unpaid wages, continuing wages, damages, civil penalties, statutory penalties and attorney’s fees and costs’.

She added that ‘her day rate was paid late, along with other fees and that they were charged for getting their checks.’

The site adds that workers are ‘seeking at least $1 million for what they believe to be issues with how they were treated’.

Documents state: ‘Defendants oversaw, controlled and ran the production, and the aggrieved employees worked many hours on the production and were not timely paid for their work, or paid at all.’

Kanye and his team are yet to respond to the rumours but he may have a lot on his mind after being forced to abandon his presidential hopes and admit defeat in the 2020 election.

MailOnline has contacted a spokesperson for Kanye West for comment.

In August, a company filed a lawsuit against Kanye for allegedly failing to pay it for multiple services.

MyChannel Inc. claims in its suit that West got the company’s employees to work long hours on his Yeezy brand and his Sunday Service shows while promising to invest tens of millions of dollars in the company, according to TMZ.

The company alleges that West walked away after six months of work without paying while stealing some of its technology to use on his Sunday Service performances.

MyChannel Inc. describes itself as a Black-owned company specializing in video and e-commerce technologies.

It says West began using its services in Spring 2018 to boost sales on his Yeezy line of shoes and clothing.

The company, through its attorneys Ben Meiselas and Michael Popok, claims that the Monster rapper never paid for its services and instead promised to invest $10 million in the company.

In order to make the deal work, MyChannel spent $7 million of its own funds on a Yeezy Apparel, while its workers racked up over 10,000 hours of work.

In the process, West whims required the company shift its headquarters from Pennsylvania to Calbasas, California, to be closer to his home, before requiring them to move again to his hometown of Chicago.

Despite all the hoops MyChannel claims to have jumped through, West ended the partnership after six months without paying or investing a cent in the company.

According to Pitchfork, West was accused of stealing the company’s video commerce technology to help boost sales of the expensive clothing and merchandise he sold for his Sunday Service performances.

He also allegedly met with companies like Adidas and referred to MYC’s work while rebranding it as YZY and presenting ‘ideas such as those of [MyChannel] as his own.

MyChannel is suing West and his brand Yeezy Apparel for breach of their oral partnership, cutting into their profits by millions of dollars and withholding his promised $10 million investment, as well as requiring it to spend its own funds on his projects.

He’s also being sued for allegedly breaking a non-disclosure agreement by copying their technology.

MyChannel are suing the him for $20 million and seeking a jury trial.

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