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Kanye West Says Sunday Service Saved Him from Opioids, Pornography

US rapper, music producer, and songwriter Kanye West said his Sunday Service choir, now one year old, saved him from the life of opioids and pornography.

He spoke during a visit to the Union Rescue Mission on Los Angeles’s Skid Row, according to a video published by TMZ.

“A lot of times people say, ‘Thank you Ye for Sunday Service’. I’m saying thank God. This thing saved my life”, West said as he took the mic during the assembly at the homeless shelter.

“This thing was an alternative to opioids. This thing was an alternative to pornography”.


The artiste said he is no longer in service of fame and money but ‘in Service to God’

West launched his Sunday Service a year ago following his embrace of the Christian faith.

The gathering, which is held every Sunday, features gospel-inspired remixes of songs by the choir and is usually open for the rapper’s close friends and family, including his star wife Kim Kardashian.

Two months ago he released his first Sunday Service album “Jesus is King”, described by the rapper as “an expression of the gospel”.

And on Christmas Day, he released the second album “Jesus is Born” also featuring 19 spiritual songs performed by the choir.


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