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Justice Clarence Thomas Has A Word For African-Americans

It’s not easy getting over any kind of unfair treatment. No matter what anyone tells you, when you’re a victim of racial injustice, the scar remains with you for a while, possibly a lifetime. What’s even more disturbing is that there will be people in your life who will tell you to get over the victim mentality. It will appear that they don’t care about your issues. For so long, people have been trying to tell African-Americans to get over being the victim.


Here’s a question to ponder – is it truly time to let go?

According to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, the time is now. In an interview on Thursday at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., Thomas said, “’At some point, we’re going to be fatigued with everybody being the victim. I just get worn down.”


Recalling a story he had with a female college student in Kansas, Thomas said his female colleague said, “I’m really tired of having to play the role of being black. I just want to go to school.”

So, is it simply that easy – to forget being Black in order to fit in?

Thomas, the second African-American elected to the United States Supreme Court didn’t have an easy life. Growing up in Georgia during the time of segregation and Jim Crow, the 69-year-old Justice talked about playing the hand you’re dealt with.

He considers his grandfather his hero because, with only a limited amount of education, he refused to label himself a victim.

Does this mean that African-Americans should overlook injustice and inequality? Of course not. Perhaps how you label yourself will determine how far you’ll go in life. The decision is not based on what society says; it’s based on how you see yourself.

FYI – “Thomas faced a grueling confirmation process to become a justice on the highest court in the land. Allegations of sexual harassment from a former assistant, Anita Hill, nearly derailed his bid for the seat 28 years ago. Thomas denied the allegations.”


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