JUST IN: Pyongyang Threatens To Wipe Out US Map, All Thanks To ‘Pre-emptive Nuclear Strike’


Pyongyang made new threats to the United States, denouncing their strategy of first nuclear strike. According to the North Korean Defense Minister, Washington must expect a surprise nuclear strike if it pursues its current militarist policy.

North Korea can carry a surprise nuclear strike against the United States, said North Korean Defense Minister Pak Yong-sik quoted by the North Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

“If our enemies stick to their preventive nuclear threat theory, which poses a danger to themselves, and if they underestimate the strategic position of North Korea, the invincible revolutionary army of the Paektu Will bring a surprise nuclear strike to the heart of the US empire and shave the United States, completing its country’s historic reunification mission, “said General Pak Yong-sik at a meeting Held in Pyongyang on the occasion of the 64th anniversary of the end of the Korean War.


 According to the minister, the United States fears the rise of the North Korean army and are preparing to carry out a nuclear bombardment of North Korea.

North Korea and the United States are in a state of war. The two countries have not signed a peace treaty. In addition, Pyongyang believes that the armistice agreement signed between North Korea and China on the one hand, and the UN on the other, in Panmunjeom on 27 July 1953, became obsolete due to military preparations The United States and South Korea.

The North Koreans consider themselves the winners of the Korean War and celebrate July 27th the Day of Victory over the United States.

At present, Pyongyang is actively creating and testing nuclear and ballistic weapons despite the sanctions adopted by the UN Security Council and some countries. North Korea declares that its intercontinental ballistic missiles are capable of striking any point of the globe.



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