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JUST IN: Manchester United-bound Romelu Lukaku Arrested By US Police. Find out why!

US police have confirmed that Belgian national team player Romelu Lukaku has been arrested in Beverly Hills, California, and will appear before a US court in October.

Lukaku was arrested on 2 July after five warnings of nuisance. The latter received a ‘citation of crime’ from the police. A police statement said:

“On July 2, 2017, around 8 pm, officers from the Beverly Hills Police Department arrested a 24-year-old male subject as Romelu Lukaku Bolingoli.”

Romelu Lukaku is on the verge of a move to Manchester United

“Bolingoli received a misdemeanor citation for violation of the Beverly Hills municipal code on excess noise”.

“The citation was given to Lukaku after the officers received five complaints of excessive noise.”

“These noise nuisances occurred in a residence in Beverly Hills where the latter was temporarily residing”

Lukaku was ” arrested “, as shown in an official document, but was not taken to the post and was not fined but received summons to appear before the Supreme Court of Los Angeles Next October 2 “.

Romelu Lukaku is having a good time with his friend (and future teammate) Paul Pogba. It is not known if the French international stays in the same house as the Red Devil.

The two footballers are accompanied by several friends, including Serge Ibaka, the Toronto Raptors basketball player. They take advantage of it to recharge their batteries after a long season.

The striker scored 25 goals last season and finished second scorer in the Premier League.


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