Just 3% Of People Have The Letter X On Their Two Palms: Find Out What It Reveals About Your Destiny!!

This method has been used by ancient Greeks and Egyptians to reveal people’s prospects about the future. The last known historical record of this method is mentioned in the time of Alexander the Great, where royal advisers pointed out that Alexander will be the greatest leader in the whole era since he had two visible shapes of the letter X on both of his palms.

According to the STI University in Moscow, their newest research paper titled X Palm Mystery and Spirit Science Formula, they studied 2 million people from all over the world in order to understand the connection between the shape of the letter X on the palms and the subjects’ destinies.

Their paper showed that the subjects who had a letter X on their both palms were the most remarkable people among the 2 million participants, including Vladimir Putin and Abraham Lincoln.


It is believed that these people have a very strong character and that their destiny has no need of planning. These individuals don’t depend on planning for success, success simply falls on them. These talented people can sense others from a far. Namely, they are so good at reading people that you cannot cheat them or lie to them without them knowing about it. You may try to harm them; however, you will eventually fail.

Along with being mentally strong, these people are also physically powerful. The study showed that they are least susceptible to infectious diseases. They also have the power to make a change in other people’s lives, not just in their own.

The research indicated that these people are highly successful, sharp-minded, and excellent leaders; people who are never forgotten, even after their death.


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