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Judge Summons Trump Government to Stop Drugging Child Detainees

Before the Trump government separated children from migrants from their parents, 10,000 children had already been detained for about eight months.

The children were put in camps funded by the Refugee Rehabilitation Office. Between neglect, physical and sexual abuse, many of the private agencies paid to care for these children have already been singled out.

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“I was given nine pills in the morning and seven in the evening. I did not know why I took them; nobody told me about it, “said one of them.

In the Shiloh Treatment Cente r in Manvel, Texas, the detained children made terrible revelations, which prompted a federal judge to demand that the government remove these children from the center. The summation takes effect after a prescription of powerful psychotropic without a court order and even less the swallow of the parents. After investigation, the Center for Investigative Reporting found that one of the doctors responsible for prescriptions, Dr. Javier Ruíz-Nazario, had lost his right to practice the profession for several years.


” They came and stung me to calm me down … At that moment I felt heavy and tired, as if I had no more strength. I woke up 3 or 4 hours later, and it was only here that I began to regain my strength. 

For this witness, lugged six times in shelters, located in three different states, the detention was very tiring. Arrived in 2014 from Mexico, his story is similar to that of thousands of children. For the lawyers, the judge’s decision is a victory, as reports indicate that children who were at the now closed Daystar Treatment Center would have been ” suspended from the ceiling ” and “literally locked in cells tiny concrete “.

According to Leccia Welch of the National Youth Law Center: ” The Bureau treats these children as prisoners, and I weigh my words: they are literally locked in tiny concrete cells, and are entitled to one hour – at best – of sun daily. ,“She continues. ” They are locked up in there without any explanation being given to them on the reasons for this confinement, or even without them being able to give their version of the facts.”


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