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Joycelyn Savage; R. Kelly’s Former Girlfriend Who Defended Him Turns Against Him

A former girlfriend of R. Kelly who had defended himself against the numerous accusations of sexual abuse decided to turn against him.

Joycelyn Savage appeared on American television CBS to defend R. Kelly accused of sexual abuse.

Now, the young woman claims to have been one of the victims of the singer. In a shared publication on the Patreon website, Jocelyn Savage, 24, describes his “abusive” relationship with R. Kelly.

She announced on Instagram her decision to reveal things that have remained secret until now. “I risk life for those of others. “

In her message, she says she met the singer in 2015, when he was 48 years old. “Robert always looked at me sexually the first time we met,” she said.


Joycelyn also explained that R. Kelly had promised him a musical career and that he would make her the next Aaliyah. “He was telling me exactly, ‘Baby, you’ll become the next Aaliyah. “

Seduced by her promises, she dropped out of university to work with him. However, things have changed and he has become unbearable. He demanded that she call him “master” or “dad”.

“Things started to get worse. He raised his voice if I did not call him that. If Robert called me, I had to answer ‘Yes, daddy’ or ‘Please, dad’, he had become authoritarian. “

R. Kelly is currently incarcerated and faces multiple charges of sexual abuse.


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