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Journey Into The Universe Of “Bayas”, The Secret Of African Women!!


“Afflé”, “saba” or “baya” is a pearl necklace that African women wear around their waists. Initially it was worn for its virtues of protection and healing, today the baya has become a real sexual object, as we see. B The Baya, like the “afflé”, is made In various raw materials such as porcelain, rubber, excrements of a rare species of butterfly, rock, wood, tchechewe, Niger soil or the seeds of certain plants.


The different types of ‘Baya’ and their secrets

“Ah! Here in Senegal, there are several types of baya, from small to large with different appellations. You see this one for example (showing me a necklace), it is made of small necklaces, it is the ” Djadjal ”. He goes to the back. This one is the ” feri ”. It consists essentially of large pearls. With these pearls, by their noises the men do not remain indifferent, explains my interlocutor, Mrs. Sarr.


“Waiting for my darling, I forgot a category of pearls,” she asks me.


“Look next to the” djadjal “, those who are there are the” Ferl Nanan “they are pearls of medium sizes. As for the la, it is the ‘Pêmê’, which is recognizable by its scintillating aspect. It is commonly referred to as “Baya luminos” and is used to illuminate the conjugal chamber, “she laughs.


Associated a product called ” Môromorôro ” which perfumes them, these necklaces take on erotic looks. The husband who sees, touches these necklaces at the size of his wife is like bewitched. Because his desire for his wife is tenfold, according to Mrs. Sarr’s explanations.


“The” Môromorôro “serves not only to perfume the conjugal bed, but also intoxicates the spouse until it is transported to the 7th heaven,” she adds.


At home we say of the baya that it has several virtues: it refines the waist, offers the girl a very nice hip tower but that the baya is especially a wonderful husband-wife. “Yes, you heard my darling!” You want to keep your husband for you alone, try these secrets. He will eat you in the palm of your man, “she said to me with conviction.

According to Mrs. Sarr, who sells these secrets in Treichville, the married women who make use of them, would hypnotize their men during the intimate act, and they can not go to see anywhere else, having eyes only For their very dear ones.


Envoutement and beauty?


To this question, a little hesitant, Mrs. Sarr finally let go: “I do not think it is an enthrallment. Every woman puts every chance on her side to keep her man. It’s just an African woman’s technique. That’s all. The tingling of these pearls at the hip of the wearer only wakes up the sexual appetite of her spouse. So what’s wrong with that? ”




For Mrs. Sarr, it is unacceptable that a woman does not wear these jewels she calls “women’s secrets.”


– Wear the baya, but discreetly, because only your husband has the first.


– Do not remove it from your hips, especially when you go to bed with your man, he is “excited.”


– Dare to perfume them, you will discover another effect …

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