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Jordan: Saudi Arabia And Emirates To Have Attempted A Coup Against King Abdullah – Report

Jordan’s King Abdullah has ordered the arrest of three military figures, members of his family. According to several media, the latter were preparing a coup d’etat

Is a coup prepared in Jordan? Nothing can be said for the moment, but one thing is certain: nothing is going on between King Abdullah of Jordan and his family members serving in the army. In any case, this has been revealed by media in the Middle East including  Tehran Times  and  this Saturday, December 30.


According to Tehran Times, the King ordered the arrest of his two brothers and a cousin. The arrested persons have been identified. They are Prince Faisal Ben Hussein, Prince Alin Ben Hussein and Prince Talal Ben Muhammad. Tehran Times tells us that King Abdullah of Jordan was alerted by his intelligence services that these three men were in communication with Saudi and Emirati leaders: Mohamed Ben Salman of Saudi Arabia and Mohamed Ben Zayed of the Emirates.


The same information was confirmed by which reveals that King Abdullah sent them a letter notifying them of their dismissal from the army. “Since institutionalism is the basis of the work of the Jordanian army, the pillar on which modernization, development and (country) restructuring is based, it was necessary for you to be sent to early retirement. like your brothers in the army, “says the letter.

“A dismissal that takes place in a particular context”

Also according to, Prince Ali Ben Hussein served in special forces and in the Royal Guard. He received the honorary title of General from King Abdullah. As for Prince Talal Ben Muhammed, he first served alongside the number one army before receiving the title of Army Major General.

The Jordanian army refused to comment. One thing is certain: the arrest of these military authorities very close to King Abdullah comes in a very tense Middle East, marked by the arrival of Crown Prince Mohamed Ben Salman and an unprecedented verbal confrontation between on the one hand Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and Saudi Arabia and Iran.



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