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John Cena’s Biography And Current Net Worth!!

A lot of people think that professional wrestling is just a goofy and fake pseudo-sport that is only watched by people that believe it’s real. That’s not really the case, as professional wrestling is a multi billion dollar business that is highlighted by the biggest promotion, the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

For more than a decade now, there has been one man at the top of the ranks in terms of professional wrestlers, and it’s 15-time World Champion John Cena. Cena started with the WWE in 2002 and hasn’t looked back, and has been designated as the franchise player of the company since 2005.

Because of this, John Cena has earned massive paychecks from the company, making him one of the richest people to ever be involved in sports entertainment. Cena ranks fourth in this category with a net worth of more than $35 million, behind only “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and of course, Vince McMahon, the President of WWE.

It’s not just the wrestling itself that fuels John Cena’s net worth, there are a lot of other revenue sources for the champ. So where is all of that money coming from? Cena is currently earning $5 million per year from wrestling as part of his newest contract with a guaranteed minimum of $3 million even if nobody shows up to WWE pay per views.

Cena is also able to avoid traveling debt like some of the wrestlers, as his amenities such as private transportation and lodging are all provided by WWE. Lower level wrestlers have to drive or spring together for a bus to get from event to event. Cena is also the most popular in terms of merchandise sales, and it seems like he is given a new shirt to wear every month that goes on sale. Cena gets six percent of the revenue from these merchandise sales, which can get into the millions.



John Cena’s popular name and familiarity has also made him a hot commodity for some companies to use him as a spokesman. Cena has appeared in advertisements for big name brands that include Gillette, Subway, Gold’s Gym, Fruity Pebbles and Under Armour. It’s estimated that the value of these contracts is north of $5 million.

If you take a look at Cena’s car collection, you can tell that he has spent a lot of money on it, but these cars count toward his net worth as assets. Among his luxury cars are a 1969 Dodge Daytona, 1971 Pontiac GTO and many, many more. Cars play a big part in net worths, as does real estate, and Cena has plenty of that too.

Cena has properties in both his native state of Massachusetts, as well as his more luxurious home in Florida. The Florida home was his biggest purchase so far, and it’s a real estate property that is estimated to be worth $800,000, although it looked like it cost more than that when it was featured on the reality show “Total Divas”.

As his contract continues to get larger, Cena is expected to have an even higher future net worth as he gets later on into his wrestling career. Even when his career is done, Cena is welcome to come back to large part time paychecks, just like Dwayne Johnson has done. Or, Cena can continue to work in Hollywood, and he has been featured in several films over the past few years that include “The Marine”, “12 Rounds”, “Trainwreck” and “Sisters”. He might even make a return to music as Cena even had an album come out (“You Can’t See Me”) in 2005 that reached the Top 20 of the charts.

If nothing else, Cena is a company man that does anything that’s asked of him. That attitude combined with the fact that he has a lot of charisma and spends a lot of his free time granting wishes with the Make A Wish Foundation have ensured that Cena will be a popular name for a long time.

While other wrestlers look to have squabbled away a lot of their net worth in the past, there hasn’t been any indication that Cena is heading down the same path. There will always be a high paying job available for Cena whether it’s involved with wrestling or not, and his crazy schedule has us saying that he’s earned it.


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