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“Jesus Loves You”: Ghanaian Footballer Receives Red Card for Showing Love for Jesus

Ghanaian footballer Samuel Asamoah received a red card after posting the inscription “Jesus Loves You” written in his jersey.

The footballer received his second yellow card after removing his jersey to celebrate his second goal after being notified the first time, which automatically resulted in his expulsion.

Samuel Asamoah currently plays for Sint Truiden in Belgium. He had a hat-trick as he routed KAS Eupen in the Belgian Jupilar Pro League.

The player after scoring his third goal in the match received a second yellow card for removing his jersey because he wanted to show “Jesus Loves You”.

Ghanaian footballer receives red card for showing love for Jesus

The player revealed after the game that he knew removing the shirt would result in the red card but that he was excited to score so he took the risk.


“Of course, I knew I was not allowed to do it. It was out of pure emotion that I did it. I am particularly happy for our team and our staff that we were playing such a good game and getting the three points, ”he said.

Ghanaian footballer receives red card for showing love for Jesus

“I don’t remember when I scored three more times. It must have been a long time ago. I love it. It’s a shame that I have to miss next week’s game, but I have confidence in our team. Said Samuel Asamoah.


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