“Jesus Christ is The Greatest Scam in World History” – Nigerian transgender, Stephanie Rose

“Jesus Christ remains the greatest scam in World history. No man/god of such personality ever lived or walked the surface of this earth!

Flashback: 25 days to Christmas where all Christians all over the world are getting set to celebrate the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Nigerian transgender, Stephanie Rose who is a vivid God-hater, has some words for we all who believe in Jesus. She claims Jesus Christ is the greatest scam the world has ever known.

Rose who claims she has written a book entitled ‘No One Goes To Heaven Because No One Goes To Hell’, where she says there is no heaven nor hell, has been using her social media pages to disclaim God and His son, severally.

She also said that the idea that Jesus walked on water was a very big lie as no such event took place.


This time, she has taken to her Facebook page to write this:

“Jesus Christ remains the greatest scam in World history. No man/god of such personality ever lived or walked the surface of this earth!

No Man /god called Jesus ever lived on the surface of this earth. The name Jesus Christ was created at the Council of Nicea at the re-edition of the present day bible! Jesus Christ is a fictional Character not a true life story.


JESUS WALKED ON WATER IS A FABLE! The entire Man/god story is a fiction and myth. No such ‘guy’ like this ever existed or walked the face of this earth.

If Jesus walked on Water is a fable (considering the outright impossibility of a human capacity walking on water as if by dry land) we can deduce that the whole Man/god story is a myth.

Yahweh never became Jesus and Jesus was never Yahweh. The fictional recount of Jesus Christ is a retelling of the mythology of other Man/gods that predated him like Horus, Mithiras, Dionysus, Krishna and Attis!

All Man/gods had similar tales like walking on Water, born of a Virgin, born on the same birthday, died for three days and resurrected! None of them including Jesus Christ existed, all Man/gods were simply fictional Characters.

Even the God it self is a fraudster… A God that inspires such untrue Man/god stories is a wicked DEVIL and father of all lies! It is all a SCAM and untrue story.


Jesus Christ is a myth, there is no Saviour any where and that explains why terrible things happen to people in this World and the position of EVIL is unchecked because the same God functions in this EVIL CAPACITY.

Jesus Christ is not a true story of this wicked and callous God! The Sun can walk on Water … but the Son can not walk on Water.”


Written by PH


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  1. She’s possessed by evil spirit that’s she performed devilish transgender she needs prayers, universe declares glory of God Jehovah, his son name Jesus all knees bow.

  2. She? He is certainly a man from all accounts. Disfiguring himself to look like a woman has not made him one.

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