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Jennifer Lopez Tweets #AllLivesMatter, Deletes It, But Not Before Twitter Clapped Back

While promoting her new single “Love Make the World Go Round” to help the victims of the mass shooting at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, Jennifer Lopez tweeted a snapshot from a performance of her new single on NBC’s Today. Lopez co-crafted the single with Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda. Along with the snapshot, she wrote, “#AllLivesMatter #LoveMakestheWorldGoRound.”

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Lopez deleted the tweet within minutes, but not before people dragged the chanteuse on social media anyway.

Social media users were quick to clock Lopez for her usage of the hashtag, setting off a Twitter firestorm. Some mentioned how Lopez has tremendously benefitted from the work of black artists in the past, while others let Mariah Carey memes speak for themselves.


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Regardless of whether Lopez was aware of the hashtag’s meaning (how could she not?) or if she even posted it herself, she needs to recognize the damage this kind of rhetoric inflicts on communities of color and issue an apology. That’s all she has now.



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