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Jennifer Lopez to Get Married Soon for the Fourth Time.

It’s been almost a year, that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez live the big love. Would the two lovebirds be about to get married? This hypothesis can not be excluded if we stick to the revelations of some close relatives of the couple.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez seem already ready to do without the ring finger. If the singer gets married again, it will be the fourth wedding experience that the singer will live. And according to several American media, J-Lo’s relationship with Alex Rodriguez is about to take a new turn.

Both should seal their union very soon. In fact, preparations are well underway. Our sources indicate that the couple was seen a few days ago in a major jewelry store in Los Angeles. Even if we do not know the nature of the jewels that were bought, several relatives of the couple suggest that Jennifer Lopez spent a lot of time on the diamond engagement rings, while Alex seemed more happy than ever to see his good – loved to rejoice for this beautiful moment.


Just as the couple gets along perfectly, so does their respective child (Alex is dad of two girls and Jennifer is mom of twins Max and Emme).

At 49, the bomba latina could try the experience of a fourth marriage. In the past, she has already been involved in two express marriages, the first with Ojani Nos (1997-1998) and the second with her dancer Cris Judd (2001-2003) and a longer union that resulted in the birth of her twins, with Marc Anthony (2004-2014).

Will the experience with Alex Rodriguez be the last one that will last without considering a break-up? Only the future will tell us.


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