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Jeanette Epps Set to Become The First African-American Woman To Live & Work Long-Term At International Space Station!!

Jeanette Epps, 46, is training to become the first African-American woman to live and work long-term at the International Space Station.

NASA is known for its breakthroughs, and you can add this to the list.

That earned her the cover treatment for Woman’s Day magazine.



“Jeanette is such an inspiration,” said Susan Spencer, Woman’s Day editor in chief. “She embodies infinite possibilities, for our . . . daughters and granddaughters.”

The mag features Epps, who’s from Syracuse, training in a giant swimming pool to simulate the weightless environment in space. She also got to drive a Mars rover, at least in a simulator.

It’s awesome as always seeing black woman doing what most people can’t do. Remember that black people have no boundaries of what we can achieve! International Space Station– you just wait!


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