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Jean Pierre Adams: The Football Player Who Went Into Coma For 35 Years

Time has stopped since March 17, 1982 for Jean Pierre Adams. This talented footballer from the France team has been in a coma for 35 years. He was the victim of a medical error during a knee operation that should be simple to undergo.
Indeed, everything has rocked after an error of anesthesia that led him into a coma that lasts until today. At the age of 34, Adams had, among other things, played 251 matches and scored 24 goals in Ligue 1. This football prodigy had also won the Coupe de France of the Alps in 1972 with FC Nîmes.

His wife, the last person he spoke to, still has hope. She always watches at his bedside hoping that he will wake up one day. ” He feels everything that is done to him. It ages less quickly than me: no wrinkles and almost no white hair. Time stopped on the day of the accident. No hose. He breathes alone (…) My husband is there without being there. He is in his own world but he is alive and well. I do not know how it will end . She said in an interview.


The last words of Jean Pierre Adams before his operation were addressed to his wife Bernadette. “Everything is fine, I’m in great shape. It is at 11H that I will be operated. Think of me anyway, but pick me up in a week, and do not forget then, a pair of crutches! ”

He has been married to Bernadette since April 1969. He also has two children, Laurent and Frédéric.


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