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Jay Z to perform concert in Cleveland to help Clinton turn out young black voters


The star is set to hold a concert in Cleveland to help Hillary Clinton get out the young black vote in this upcoming election.


It’s a much-needed boost for Clinton, who is struggling to excite young black voters, especially in crucial swing states like Ohio, where she is trailing behind more than in other swing states. If she could get out the vote for young black voters, however, she would be able to tap into some of that same coalition that helped Barack Obama win the presidency in 2008 and 2012.

Senior democrats have said that Clinton has asked that they do anything they can to get out the young black vote leading into the election, especially because it is a crucial group that Clinton has failed to energize. It’s a voting bloc that has no love for Republican nominee Donald Trump, and so the focus on mobilizing them could be the difference between winning and losing a few close races.

While a date has not been confirmed for the concert, its location in Cleveland has been confirmed, and a democratic source hinted to Buzzfeed News that LeBron James could make an appearance at the event.


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