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Jay Z Finally Admits He Cheated On Beyoncé, Reveals Why They Did Not Divorce

The American rapper, Jay Z has hinted in his new album 4:44 that he had cheated on his wife Beyoncé who also confided on the subject. She revealed the pain felt in her album Lemonade. An album in which she warned her husband: This is your last warning. You know that I gave you sight. You will lose your wife . 

Jay Z

However, on Wednesday, the 47-year-old hip-hop legend finally admitted to having cheated on her during an interview with Dean Baquet of The New York Times, in a very revealing discussion.

Jay Z finally admits to cheating Beyoncé, and reveals why they did not divorce

He not only admitted that he had been unfaithful to his wife for nine years, but he revealed that the therapy prevented them from getting divorced. Jay Z started talking about infidelity when he tackled the scars of his past that he still has. Scars that almost drove him to disgust his wife Beyonce, 36 years old.

He said:

You know, most people go away, the divorce rate is like 50% because people can not bear each other anymore. The hardest thing is to watch the suffering you have caused on someone’s face, and have to face it. I grew up so much through this experience. But I think the most important thing is that everything is back to normal. All emotions are connected and it comes from somewhere. Being aware of it in everyday life means that you have an advantage.


The rapper revealed that he had to do a lot of work on himself to no longer restrain his emotions:

 In my case, it was very deep. From there, anything can happen, including infidelity.

Jay Z finally admits to cheating Beyoncé, and reveals why they did not divorce

It’s finally the music that has allowed the couple to get out of this bad situation: ”  We used our art a little like a therapy,” said Jay-Z before adding that listen to these songs very personal to the another had been a  “very, very uncomfortable” experience.

He also mentioned his difficult friendship with Kanye West, but said he will still love Kanye and laugh at these differences when they turn 89 years old.

I talked to Kanye the other day, just to tell him he’s my brother. I like Kanye. It’s a complicated relationship between us. Kanye entered this business under my label. So I have always been like his big brother. And we are both artists. It has always been like a little competition behind your big brother.


Jay Z finally admits to cheating Beyoncé, and reveals why they did not divorce


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