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Japan Successfully Tests Its First Flying Car (Video)

The futuristic world described in the movie “Back to the Future” might be closer than we thought.

A flying car was tested in Japan and hovered for about a minute thanks to its four propellers.

The computer company NEC unveiled the car in a factory located in the city of Abiko, about 22 miles from Tokyo.

Two brief demonstrations took place inside a giant cage and spectators were asked to wear a helmet as a precaution.

The Japanese government is planning the use of flying cars by the 2030s and is supporting the test in an area devastated by the 2011 tsunami and nuclear disasters in Fukushima.

These cars could also be used to connect the islands of the seaside resort of Mie, which is frequented by Hollywood celebrities.

Japan wants to become a world leader in this sector, but could be in competition with Dubai, which is also actively pursuing technology.

However, there are still huge hurdles to overcome before flying cars become commonplace, including battery life, the need for regulation, and security concerns.


Flying cars, often referred to as EVtol (vertical take-off and landing), are defined as electric, or driverless, electric jets capable of taking off and landing vertically.

Newer vehicles aim to be better than helicopters, which are expensive to maintain and require trained pilots.

A flying car from the Japanese startup Cartivator proved unsuccessful after its accident during a demonstration in 2017, but business leaders say they have since developed their technology so that their machines can last longer. NEC is one of more than 80 companies sponsoring the Cartivator flying car.

Uber also wants to build its own version of Uber Air technology in the United States and plans to launch test flights in 2020 and commercial operations in 2023.


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