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Japan: Robot Finishes Third in Municipal Elections

Last Sunday, residents of Tama, a Japanese district in Tokyo prefecture, had the opportunity to elect a robot as the mayor of the locality. But he finished third.

With the slogan “Artificial Intelligence will change the city of Tama”, this robot named Michihito Matsuda got 4,103 votes.

Matsuda had developed an electoral program that aimed to put an end to corruption in this district of 150,000 inhabitants. He had also promised to offer equal opportunities to all. He tried to persuade voters that he was the best mediator in conflict management between residents.


Behind the robot’s bid was Tetsuzo Matsuda, vice president of Sotfbank and Norio Murakami, a Google employer in Japan. These two people are convinced that robots can be more honest in politics.

“Artificial intelligence will change everything, it’s a matter of time. We will be able to make unbiased and balanced decisions, quickly implement measures, store information and lead the next generation, “said robot Matsuda during his campaign.

This is not the first time a weird candidate has run for office. In 1938, mule Boston Curtis was a candidate for a Republican seat in Milton, Washington. In 1997, a cat named Stubbs was elected mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska.


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