Japan is World’s Most Powerful Passport in 2019 with 190 Countries’ Visa-free Access!

The country with the world’s most powerful passport in 2019 is … Japan. Again. That’s the view of the Henley Passport Index, which periodically measures the access each country’s travel document affords. It’s the second time in a row that the Asian nation has come out on top in the index, which is revised quarterly.

Japan retains its top spot as the world’s most travel-friendly passport thanks to the document’s access to 190 countries. South Korea edged up the ranking from October’s index to join Singapore, offering access to 189 jurisdictions, thanks to a new visa-on-arrival agreement with India.

The best passports to hold at the beginning of 2019 are:


1. Japan (190 countries)
2. Singapore, South Korea (189)
3. France, Germany (188)
4. Denmark, Finland, Italy, Sweden (187)
5. Luxembourg, Spain (186)
6. Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States (185)
7. Belgium, Canada, Greece, Ireland (184)
8. Czech Republic (183)
9. Malta (182)
10. Australia, Iceland, New Zealand (181)

The worst passports to hold

Several countries around the world have visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to fewer than 40 countries. These include:

99. Palestinian Territory, Sudan (39 countries)
100. Eritrea (38)
101. Yemen (37)
102. Pakistan (33)
103. Somalia, Syria (32)
104. Afghanistan, Iraq (30)


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