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Jacob Zuma Meets Emmerson Mnangagwa; Cancels Meeting With Mugabe

After meeting with Emmerson Mnangagwa in Pretoria, President Jacob Zuma has postponed his planned trip to Zimbabwe to meet with the former president Robert Mugabe.

Zuma was due to visit the country on Wednesday in his capacity as SADC chair.

He’s changed plans after Robert Mugabe resigned as president just days after a military takeover.

At the same time, celebrations continue while preparations are underway for the swearing in of Mnangagwa as interim president.

Mnangagwa has arrived back in Zimbabwe.

Speaker of the Zimbabwean Parliament Jacob Mudenda says incoming president Mnangagwa is likely to be sworn in on Friday.

“The chief secretary to the office of the president and Cabinet is making the necessary arrangements for the swearing in of the incoming president, Comrade ED Mnangagwa.”

Mudenda says he’s received the necessary notification from Zanu-PF on its nomination of Mnangagwa as its favoured candidate to take over from Mugabe.

Residents who had gathered at the Manyame air base where they waited for Mnangagwa to arrive, are now headed to the Zanu-PF headquarters where he’s expected to make an appearance on Wednesday afternoon.

The Zimbabwe Youth Council’s Acie Lumumba says they’re done talking about Mugabe.


“The only thing that’s there to talk about is the people of Zimbabwe. We spent 37 years talking about one man. I refuse to utter his name one more time with my mouth.”

While many Zimbabweans living in South Africa have been celebrating since Mugabe’s resignation, the Zimbabwean Embassy in Pretoria seems to be closed for the day.


International Relations Deputy Minister Luwellyn Landers says South Africa’s bilateral relations with Zimbabwe remain unchanged and as strong as ever during the current political transition.

Briefing a parliamentary committee on government’s stance following recent developments, Landers says it is important to let Zimbabweans chart their own future without interference from South Africa or any other nation.

The Deputy Minister says Zimbabwe is not another province of South Africa, and the country should not be treated as such.

“At all times we must endeavour to assist Zimbabweans like the true neighbours that we are.”

Landers says developments in Zimbabwe should be celebrated for what they are.

“This intervention by the Zimbabwean Defence Force must be viewed as an exception and not the norm that must be followed by others tomorrow and in the future.”

He says there’s been no request for asylum for former president Mugabe and his family.


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