Jackson Family Matriarch Katherine Jackson Reportedly in Dire Health

Katherine Jackson, matriarch of the iconic Jackson family, has suffered a stroke just months after the death of her husband JoeRadar Online reports.

Multiple sources told the website that Jackson’s condition may be dire. 

“Katherine had another stroke several weeks ago,” said the unnamed source. “Everyone is just bracing for her passing at this point.” In April, she had suffered a small stroke and has been in ill health ever since.

The source said that Jackson, 88, is struggling to speak, and toward the end of summer, she was transported to a Los Angeles-area hospital and stayed for a week. She was sent home on orders to rest.

“She’s not in good condition and is still struggling to speak. She has said she’s ready to be in heaven with her son,” added another source. Her son the legendary “King of Pop” Michael Jackson, died in 2009.

In June, Joe Jackson died after a long battle with terminal pancreatic cancer at age 89. In his final days his wife, Katherine, had reportedly been at his bedside as were some of his 11 children and grandchildren.

“Her health has rapidly declined since Joe’s death,” said a source. “She’s been in such pain, both internal and external. Katherine seems to have given up on even trying in the past month, and it makes her family very sad to see her like this. She was always such a strong, strong woman.”

The Jacksons, were a steel mill family living in Gary, Ind., struggling to make ends meet when Joe, who played guitar in a blues band decided to have three of his sons: JackieTito, and Jermaine start performing. Younger sons Marlon and Michael, joined later to form the Jackson 5, one of Motown Records most successful acts. Youngest brother Randy later joined the troupe when the group left the label leaving Jermaine at Motown. Sisters RebbieLaToya and most successfully Janet rounded out the internationally known musical family with Michael going on to be the biggest recording star of all time.

In his final days his wife, Katherine, had reportedly been at his bedside as were some of Joe’s 11 children and grandchildren.


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