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Jackie Chan To Visit Cameroon In April – FADAM Confirms

The possibility of an effective presence of the “king of the martial arts of cinema” Jackie Chan in Cameroon next April is the headlines. Intox or reality? The information site of the African festival of martial arts (Fadam) confirms the arrival of the actor, stuntman and Chinese producer who is also the headliner of the invited guests.

Fans, septics and martial arts lovers will be able to see the star who rocked the childhood and adolescence of more than one in the 80s during the first edition of the African festival of martial arts (Fadam) which will run from 07 to 08 April in Yaounde and Limbe. The one by whom all this is achievable is Yan Mai, the “African Bruce Lee”.

Originally from Cameroon and his real name Dominique Saatenang, he had the courage to go to the Temple in Shaolin, to learn wushu and live with the monks, the first African to achieve this challenge. “Yan Mai (Dominique Saatenang) came from far away.


From Cameroon to China. He came to learn martial arts. The initiative is very rare in this world, “said Shi Yongxin, the main abbot of Shaolin Temple and one of the leading representatives of Buddhism in China. Cameroonian has been named ambassador of the Shaolin Temple in the world.

The festival aims to present martial arts in its most artistic and athletic forms, and to allow the public to appreciate the many facets of these ancestral arts.

A total of 50 countries including 500 national and international sports athletes with thousands of spectators are expected at the Sports Palace of the two major cities of Cameroon, Douala and Yaoundé.

It should be noted that, apart from Chan Kong-sang (Jackie Chan), two other personalities are on the bill, namely actor and producer Gérard Depardieu and Abbot Shi Yongxin.


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