Ivory Coast’s Military Invade The Ministry of Defense to Claim their Dues

In Ivory Coast, time is not at the serenity, and this, a week of the holidays of end of the year. Dozens of soldiers invaded their tutorship ministry to claim their dues.

Even though the security situation is precarious and the risk of a political and social crisis is to be feared, especially after the partial local elections of last Sunday, the Ivorian soldiers put in the dance.


This Tuesday, December 18, around 9am, several soldiers invaded the Ministry of Defense, located in the Plateau, to claim their dues. A situation that calmed down in the afternoon, but continues to raise many questions.

What is it about?

According to sources on the spot, these are soldiers who have retired for one year and have not yet received the result of their contributions. So they organized this sit-in to claim their savings from the military provident fund. l


The calm returned after exchanges with the military authorities, the latter reassuring the ex-soldiers about the arrangements made for their actual payment.

According to a statement from the Ministry of State, Ministry of Defense that we consulted, the Military Provident Fund (FPM) has “made arrangements since yesterday for an effective payment of the remainder of these contributions this Thursday, December 20, 2018.


Ivory Coast: Military invade the Ministry of Defense


Obviously, this action of the soldiers is not the taste of the populations. “They do not need to do all this to claim their money. A soldier, he has weapons, therefore any movement of mood on their part, with or without weapon, is to be avoided “, testified a witness of the scene in Afrikmag.

“We want to celebrate in peace, even if we do not have the money we have health, and with our children in safety, it is for us the biggest party” , for its part pleaded, a shopkeeper, located not far from the scene.


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