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Ivory Coast’s Last Colonial Building of Lahou Kpanda Washed Away by the Sea

The last colonial building, a civilian prison, Lahou Kpanda was washed away by the sea, according to findings made by the Ivorian News Agency, Sunday, July 14, 2019.

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Lahou Kpanda is a village in southwestern Côte d’Ivoire, about 125 km from the economic capital (Abidjan). located under a strip of sandy land and surrounded by the sea, the lagoon and the Bandama River, the village is often eroded.

The colonial prison was only five kilometers from the mouth due to the strong coastal erosion.

“This building, a vestige of the history of the first city of Grand Lahou has been engulfed entirely in the sea for a week,” said AIP a notable leader of Lahou Kpanda, saying that the disappearance of this village “Is not far off if nothing is done”.

Western journalists and tourists came to contemplate this vestige which was the last administrative building of the colonial era.

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