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Ivory Coast: The Date Of The Senatorial Elections Known

After the order of the President of the Republic indicating the conditions of eligibility of senators, unveiled earlier this week, Minister Bruno Koné, spokesman for the government, has specified the date of the senatorial elections and that of the electoral campaigns this Wednesday 22 February.


The date set for the senatorial elections in Côte d’Ivoire is March 24, 2018, said the spokesman of the government, Bruno Koné. As for the election campaign, it will take place from March 19 to 22, 2018.

After the recent ordinance on the election of senators in Côte d’Ivoire, which presaged in March, the date of the elections of senators, the election of members of the second parliamentary chamber of the country will finally take place in late March.


Bruno Koné, Minister of Communication, Digital Economy and Post, said Wednesday, February 21 at the end of the Council of Ministers, that on March 24 will take place the elections of senators. ” The election campaign is scheduled for Monday, March 19 at 00 am to Thursday, March 22 at midnight, ” he said.

So the government decided to speed up the electoral process. The organic law that was to be voted by the National Assembly was replaced by the presidential decree of February 14th. It avoids the adoption of a new electoral code. It determines the number of senators, the conditions of their eligibility and appointment, and the voting procedures.

A decision that did not fail to criticize the opposition parties. In a statement made Wednesday, February 21 after the announcement of the government, the opponents said ” It is the legislature that has the power to organize the Senate. How can the head of state arrogate to himself a power he does not have under the Constitution, and for which he has received no authorization from the National Assembly?“.

“Nothing is ready for these elections, we started for a masquerade,” said a youth member of the Ivorian Popular Front.


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