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Ivory Coast: Simone Gbagbo’s Lawyer Denies Rumours of Divorce with Husband Laurent Gbagbo

Former Ivorian first lady, Simone Gbagbo’s lawyer has issued a strongly worded statement denying “rumours” of divorce with her husband, former President Laurent Gbagbo.

In the statement issued by her laywer, Maitre Dadje, the lawyer said, “In my capacity as Principal Advocate of Mrs. Simone Gbagbo, I have not been aware of such information and no one can bring me the proof to the contrary.”

After the reaction of her lawyer, Simone Gbagbo kindly gave her version of the facts. Ironically, the vice president of the Ivorian Popular Front put an end to the rumors.

“Ah, maybe there are two Simone Ehivet Gbagbo in Abidjan nowadays. Otherwise, I have not yet received paper or bailiff, let alone lawyer on such a subject, “said Ms. Gbagbo.

According to some local media relaying the information, Simone received the divorce letter from her husband, and she even confirmed the information with relatives. Mrs. Gbagbo comes to make a formal denial.

Simone Gbagbo says while questioning herself, “But if I am supposed to be concerned, I say that I am not informed, how could I have spoken of a case that does not exist to my entourage for this to happen? be confirmed? “.

The precisions of the lawyer of the former First Lady


Abidjan, February 24, 2019 On February 24, 2019, the online media published information that “President Laurent GBAGBO has officially requested divorce to his wife Simone GBAGBO” . In my capacity as Chief Attorney of Mrs. Simone EHIVET GBAGBO, I have not been aware of such information and no one can bring me any evidence to the contrary. In any case, in Côte d’Ivoire, in order to submit a divorce application to one’s spouse, one must first present it in person to the Ivorian matrimonial judge.

Then the matrimonial judge sitting in Côte d’Ivoire issues you an Order authorizing you to assign your spouse before him. For this, the person who wants to divorce, must appear in person, herself and not through a third party before the matrimonial judge sitting in Côte d’Ivoire. President Laurent GBAGBO has been in Europe since November 2011 because of his trial before the International Criminal Court and has not yet been able to return to Côte d’Ivoire. As a result, he can not technically have taken such a step for divorce.

On the other hand, all the so-called political information contained in this article by and attributed to Mrs. Simone GBAGBO, are pure lies, pure fabrications. Mrs. Simone EHIVET GBAGBO, since her release from prison, has never met or exchanged, either with Henri Konan BEDIE or with Mr. AFFI N’Guessan. It is deplorable that, a body considered credible and serious, is falling into such slanders.

Master Angel Rodrigue DADJE

Lawyer of Mrs. Simone EHIVET Wife GBAGBO


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