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Ivory Coast Rated First Best Team For 2017 AFCON Draw

Ivory Coast ranked first best team for 2017 AFCON (Africa Cup Of Nation) draw

For seeding, the teams were ranked using (Confederation Africaine de Football) CAF’s own system which were calculated based on the team’s performance in the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifying tournament, the three most recent editions the Africa Cup of Nations, and their qualifying campaigns.

Africa Cup Of Nation 2017

Rank Country
1 ivory_coast Ivory Coast
2 ghana Ghana
3 tunisia Tunisia
4 burkina_faso Burkina Faso
5 mali Mali
6 nigeria Nigeria
7 algeria Algeria
8 zambia Zambia
9 cape_Verde Cape Verde
10 democratic_republic_of_the_congo Democratic Republic of Congo
11 guinea Guinea
12 senegal Senegal
13 cameroon Cameroon
14 south_africa South Africa
15 gabon Gabon (Host)
16 republic_of_the_congo Congo
17 equatorial_guinea Equatorial Guinea
18 angola Angola
19 ethiopia Ethiopia
20 togo Togo
21 morocco Morocco
22 niger Niger
23 egypt Egypt
24 uganda Uganda
25 malawi Malawi
26 sudan Sudan
27 mozambique Mozambique
28 botswana Botswana
29 libya Libya
30 sierra_leone Sierra Leone
31 lesotho Lesotho
32 kenya Kenya
33 benin Benin
34 rwanda Rwanda
35 tanzania Tanzania
36 central_african_republic Central African Republic
37 zimbabwe Zimbabwe
38 liberia Liberia
39 gambia Gambia
40 namibia Namibia
41 guinea-bissau Guinea – Bissau
42 seychelles Seychelles
43 burundi Burundi
44 mauritania Mauritania
45 chad Chad
46 madagascar Madagascar
47 sao_tome_and_principe  São Tomé and Príncipe
48 comoros Comoros
49 swaziland Swaziland
50 south_sudan South Sudan
51 mauritius Mauritius
52 djibouti Djibouti





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