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Ivory Coast Ranked 5th Most Attractive African Country for Investment, According to Quantum Global

As one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, Côte d’Ivoire has been ranked as the fifth most attractive African economy for investment.

In its report “Africa Investment Index 2018”, Swiss investment company Quantum Global unveiled its list of the 10 most attractive African countries for investment. A ranking dominated by the kingdom Sherifian (Morocco), which has a stable business climate and therefore very favorable to the establishment of new companies.


According to the report, this ranking was made taking into account six key factors: country growth, liquidity, risk factors, factors related to the business environment, demographic factors and social capital factors.

Ivory Coast is closely followed by South Africa and Ethiopia in the standings.

Guinea, Sao Tome and Principe and Zimbabwe finish at the bottom of the ranking of the last 10 of the 54 African countries most attractive for investment.

The 9 most attractive African countries

1- Morocco

2- Egypt

3- Algeria

4- Botswana

5- Ivory Coast

6- South Africa

7- Ethiopia

8- Zambia

9- Kenya


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