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Ivory Coast: “Electronic Bracelet Challenge”, the New Concept That is Shaking the Internet in Côte d’Ivoire [Video]

The wish of the prosecutor of the ICC, Mc Donald to see Laurent Gbagbo wearing an electronic bracelet in case of provisional release, is making waves in Côte d’Ivoire. now in the country of Gbagbo everyone has his bracelet. the “electronic bracelet challenge” has invaded the canvas!

Laurent Gbagbo would certainly not be the only Ivorian to wear an electronic bracelet if he enjoys temporary freedom with this condition. Since the prosecutor, Mc Donald, raised this possibility, several Ivorians have started this game. Everyone proudly wears his “electronic bracelet”, thus showing support for the former president, and his minister Charles Blé Goudé.

Ivory Coast: "Electronic Bracelet Challenge", the new concept that shakes the canvas! VIDEO


Slip, purge, mortar, phone, … the models of “electronic bracelet” presented in the videos of the Net surfers are very different from that evoked to the international criminal court.

Ivory Coast: "Electronic Bracelet Challenge", the new concept that shakes the canvas! VIDEO

Facts that show the ability of Ivorian netizens to make a mockery, important topics. This people is known for its art of dramatizing situations, even the most unfortunate.

Companies lend themselves to the game

Mobile operators Moov and MTN have also started to trend. Last weekend, advertising posters were part of this logic.


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