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Ivory Coast: Eboue Emmanuel Cursed By His Ex-girlfriend?

Ivorian player Eboué Emmanuel has been through difficult times for years, we know. Without a club for several years, the player also wades in a financial situation that does not say his name.
In a recent interview, Éboué revealed that he was ruined, even if we also see videos of him on social networks, in which he denies this evidence. The former Footballer lost everything to the benefit of his former Belgian wife after the divorce.
For a famous Ghanaian wizard Nana Kweku Bonsam, all these setbacks are caused by a curse sent to Emmanuel by his ex-girlfriend, his love galley.
All Ghanaian media report and comment on the words of the famous fetishist. Very popular, he believes he knows the origin of the problems of the Ivorian footballer. For Nana Kweku Bonsam, Emmanuel Eboué meets this situation because he broke away abruptly from his Ivorian girlfriend who supported him in his debut.
The latter who would have supported the footballer in the most difficult moments would never have digested his break with her. The former international who promised him the marriage has never kept his promise. For Nana Kweku Bonsam, nothing is late, the player can always get rid of the curse by simply asking his ex girlfriend forgiveness.


For the moment, it is difficult to give credit to this Ghanaian witch doctor. For his part, Emmanuel Eboué says that many people talk about his problems, but very few know the substance.


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