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Ivory Coast: Convinced of His Acquittal as Early as 2019, Laurent Gbagbo Plans to Run for President in 2020

“My ambition is to return home to Côte d’Ivoire,” said journalist François Mattei, Laurent Gbagbo, who hopes to be acquitted by the ICC by the beginning of 2019. A statement in a book entitled “Free. For truth and justice “(Max Millo editions), co-written with the journalist. The book highlights some confidences of the former Ivorian President on his vision of his future.

”  I booked a house to welcome me. I have already bought mattresses to replace those stolen from my little village house  , “he says, probably speaking of his native village of Mama, near Gagnoa, in the west of the Ivory Coast.

To the question: ”  At the end of your trial, do you plan to become president again in 2020?  “Laurent Gbagbo answers:”  It is not essential to be president to make politics and to be useful. Ivory Coast, Africa is my life, and I will always be concerned about their destiny. To prevent me from going home, are they ready for illegality?  “

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In short, if he is acquitted, writes RFI, as his lawyers openly hope, Laurent Gbagbo intends to return to Côte d’Ivoire and does not exclude to run for president in 2020.

In this book-interview, which is in fact the augmented and updated version of a previous book published in 2014, the former president of Côte d’Ivoire scratches some African political figures who are, in his eyes, too close to France post-colonial.

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Burkinabe Blaise Compaore, he says: ”  The time has come to finally build our independence in our French-speaking African countries (…)There is today a public opinion in Africa. In Burkina Faso, Blaise Compaoré was hunted by his people.  And from Gabonese Ali Bongo, he writes: ”  I disturbed the French because I was popular. That they take care of Ali Bongo, who is nothing, even in his own country. (…) Ali Bongo is the profile they like, and this is a mistake in the medium and long term.  “

■  A hearing on the liberability of Gbagbo and Blé Goudé

The investigating chamber is scheduled to meet tomorrow, Thursday, December 13, in closed session hearing on the continued detention of former Ivorian President Laurent Gabgbo and former leader of the Young Patriots Charles Blé Goudé. These two politicians, prosecuted for crimes against humanity, have been detained in Scheveningen prison since 2011 and 2014 respectively.

Fadi el Abdallah, the spokesman for the ICC, explains the supporters of this hearing.

The hearing will be held in order to hear the parties and participants as well as representatives of the Registry of the Court on matters including detention, its relevance or possibly the terms of a provisional release with or without condition. The principle is the liberty of the people, especially that any accused is presumed innocent unless there is a decision of conviction thereafter. Any detention must be justified. […] The parties may appeal against the decision [of the judges].




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