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Ivory Coast Becomes First Destination of Champagne Wines in West Africa

These are figures that show the height of the great consumption of champagne and even its map on the West African scale. The Champagne Committee has released its 2016 report on Champagne wine shipments around the world.

On the African continent, South Africa is at the top of the list. In Nelson Mandela’s country, we consume much more champagne than in any African country. But on the world level, the difference is clear. The country ranks only 22nd in the world.

Alcoholic Champagne for New Years Eve Celebration

In West Africa, Togo ranks well. It is in the top 3 of the sub region. With its 52nd world rank, the country has surpassed Ghana, Benin and Burkina-Faso, which is usually known for a festive tradition. In terms of the importation of Champagne wines in 2016, Togo recorded a figure of 2,624,339 Euros on tax-free shipping, ie 1,718,942,045 CFA francs; the equivalent of 132,366 bottles of 75Cl in one year.

Figures that remain down from the peak known in 2014 with 149,980 bottles of 75 Cl. But compared to 2015 where there has been a decline in consumption, 2016 data remain up slightly.

Illustrative figures of Togolese love and confidence in champagne wines. The stability of the country has made citizens start with the feast, but also begin to feed into consumer habits. It is preceded in West Africa by Nigeria and Ivory Coast.


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