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Ivory Coast: Arrested and Released Laurent Gbagbo’s Spokesman Speaks

Koné Katinan recounts the film of an eventful day. The news of the arrest of former President Laurent Gbagbo’s spokesman in Ghana had thrown a cold into the pro-Gbagbo camp.
A news that soon gave way to joy, after the release of former minister Laurent Gbagbo. From Accra, the Ghanaian capital, the former minister Koné Katinan gave the circumstances of his arrest.

“I came back from South Africa around 11pm. While waiting for my luggage, some police officers came to me and asked me to follow them because the National Bureau of Investigation (BNI) was the equivalent of the DST (Directorate of Territorial Surveillance) in Ivory Coast, thought there is a problem on my name, “he says.


Before adding: “What I did …. They took all my stuff and my travel documents to me around 10:00 am (yesterday), they later said that they were mistaken and apologized to the Ghana police before I was released. . ”

As a reminder

Katinan served as Gbagbo’s Budget Minister during the post-election crisis (December 2010-April 2011), which left some 3,000 people dead, and ended with the accession of Alassane Ouattara to power.

In the aftermath of the post-election crisis, some 20 figures of the fallen regime remain indicted and imprisoned in Côte d’Ivoire for genocide, blood crimes, attacks on state security or economic crimes.


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