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Ivory Coast: An e-learning App Without Internet Seduces Students and Teachers

After having conquered the Ghanaian market, the start-up Chalkboard Education is spreading in Côte d’Ivoire. Promoter an application eponymous e-learning, the young shoot consisted of a young French, a Togolese and a Malagasy, wants to allow Ivorian students also take courses , without the internet from their phone .

The trick of the device is to use the basic technology of SMS, we learn, which require only a low bandwidth on wireless networks of older generations.


” We use SMS technology or USSD technology which ensures universal coverage and allows our students in a very practical way to take courses, respond to exercises … Your teacher can monitor your activity at any time and at the end of the year. semester you will have official credits and you will get a diploma, “said Adrien Bouillot, co-manager of Chalkboard Education.

Barely established, Chalkboard Education begins to seduce Ivorian students. Some university professors even begin to adopt it by putting their courses there.

While Chalkboard Education still struggles to make the project profitable, in the coming months it plans to raise funds from local investors in order to export to other countries in the West African sub-region, particularly the region. Burkina Faso, Kenya and Nigeria.


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