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Ivory Coast: 38 million FCFA Stolen In One Day In The Country’s Capital, Abidjan

The city of Abidjan recorded two attacks in the same day of Monday, October 23.

First, the first robbery took place in the town of Port Bouet in Abidjan, early in the day of Monday, October 23, 2017. Three armed men attacked a van of the transport company of Abidjan (SOTRA). Police officers in the vehicle were caught short by heavily armed bandits. The thugs grabbed the company’s recipe before fleeing into a 4 × 4 type vehicle. The damage of this first package is estimated at at least 23 million FCFA and two walkie-talkies carried away.



Later in the day, around noon, two other attackers won the sum of 15 million FCFA. The facts took place this time in the municipality of Marcory still in Abidjan. It is by coming to make a payment in a bank that two economic operators were surprised by two bandits. The aggressors also heavily armed with automatic pistols and a Kalashnikov had formed a reception committee at the entrance of the bank.

The two flights took place on the same day, and only a few kilometers separate the two places. The criminal police have already started the investigations. However, no link has yet been established between the two robberies.

These incidents occur in a tense political and social climate in the country. Guillaume Soro, the president of the National Assembly is back in Abidjan, after two months of absence.


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