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Ivory Coast: 12974 Accidents Occurred in 2018: According to Military Fire Brigade (GSPM)

The year 2018 was quite tragic for the Ivorian populations. According to the Military Fire Brigade (GSPM), 12974 accidents occurred during the past year, resulting in 837 deaths of people.

837 people have lost their lives in the last twelve months throughout Côte d’Ivoire. According to the annual report drawn up by the Military Fire Brigade Group (GSPM), these deaths occurred as a result of thousands of interventions by this organization.Publicity

The GSPM rescued 27,164 victims in 19968 interventions. Interventions mainly dominated by the 12974 traffic accidents, representing 64.97% of the interventions. 1679 fires were also recorded during the year 2018, which represents 8.40% of the interventions.


“It’s a sorry situation. The record is very alarming and could suggest that neither firefighters nor security forces are doing their jobs. These numerous accidents are the result of recklessness, indiscipline, intolerance, and especially the non respect of the rules of the road and the basic rules of conduct “answered Afrikmag, a policeman of the Unity of Traffic Regulation (URC).

“We continue to raise awareness and all actions that can help decrease interventions. And we are now looking a little more towards fires that, if we are not careful, could do more harm than road accidents “,   testified for his part, a firefighter, under cover of anonymity.


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