Ivorian President Wants Libyan Slave Traders Sent To The ICC


Cote d’Ivoire’s President Alassane Ouattara has called on the International Criminal Court to indict criminals who are selling black African migrants as slaves in secret Libyan markets.

Ouattara’s comments came following a worldwide outcry that erupted following an emergence of footage showing slaves being auctioned off. The BBC news agency had published an investigative piece showing an active slave auction in the North African country.

“I‘m shocked. I think it’s unacceptable, disgusting,” Ouattara said in an interview on France 24’s English service.

“Those who commit such crimes in my view should … be pursued by the ICC … Condemning is not enough.”


More information has been surfacing since the publication of that piece by BBC. Stranded migrants are said to be put in inhumane detention centers before being sold off to work in farms.

Most are beaten by their captors while in the detention centers, and go without food and water for days.

Some West African countries have recalled their ambassadors to Libya over the reports. Libya’s U.N.-backed government said on Thursday it was investigating the reports.

France on Wednesday demanded an urgent U.N. Security Council session on human trafficking in Libya and raised the possibility of sanctions.


Written by How Africa

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