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Ivorian Legend, Didier Drogba Reveals the Name of Chelsea’s “Future Coach”

Chelsea are looking for a new coach after Maurizio Sarri’s departure for Juventus and Frank Lampard would be the favorite.

According to legend Chelsea, Didier Drogba, his former teammate is in talks to become the new manager of the Blues. The Premier League team are currently looking for a substitute for Maurizio Sarri, who left Chelsea to join Italy’s Juventus.

Football: Didier Drogba reveals the name of Chelsea's '' future coach ''

Lampard is currently the coach of Derby County and the club has made it clear he has never been contacted by Chelsea.

But Didier Drogba says Lampard is getting closer to an agreement to return to Stamford Bridge as a manager. Speaking in a live video on Instagram the former Ivorian international gave his opinion on the next coach of the Blues.

“The one who is in talks to get the job is Frank Lampard,” he said.


Asked on Instagram a few days later by fans eager to know who would be the best candidate for Chelsea, “DD” made no secret of his preference for “Lamps”. As for when he will be named, Drogba, all smiles, replied: “Calm, calm!”






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