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Ivanka Trump: Intimidation, Harassment, Ridiculous Wages….It’s Hell To Work For Donald’s Daughter – Indonesian Worker Laments!!


Branding businesswoman, mother of three children, advisor to her daddy: Ivanka Trump is the pretty showcase of her family. A shop window cracked since an investigation revealed the horrible working conditions of the workers who make the clothes of his line.
Ivanka Trump’s father managed to get elected by swearing in his heart that he was going to find a job for all Americans, and that he would repatriate the offshored jobs for financial reasons. He just did not say he would not do the same for businesses run by his own family …

An article by the Guardian reveals how poor the Indonesian workers who make Ivanka Trump clothing live and work. Under cover of anonymity, a dozen of them talked about their daily lives and it looks like a 2017 version of Les Misérables.

Alia is one of the employees of the PT Buma factory who work to sew and make clothes, including those sold under the now declining brand of Ivanka Trump. A company located in Subang, in the west of Java, one of the regions of Asia where wages are lowest.


Less paid than the current legal minimum in the rest of the continent, Alia does not have the means to bring her two children, stayed with their grandparents in a region where life is cheaper. She and her husband can go see them once a month, if they have earned enough money to fill the tank of their motorcycle. So when Alia learned that Ivanka Trump had released Women Who Work, a new book on personal-work balance, she preferred to laugh at it. Without forgetting to point out that for her, the balance would be to succeed in seeing her children more than once a month …

Apart from the ridiculously low salaries, the management methods used in the PT Buma plant are more than deplorable. To avoid having to pay the premiums awarded when a worker reaches his daily quota of clothing, the supervisors wait until the last minutes of the day to increase this quota, making them in fact impracticable.

Another technique, announce that it will take 90 pieces in the day when the average is around 30 … And needless to think about working overtime to achieve its goals because they are never paid. A farm that pushed Sita, 23, from: “I can not bear it anymore. I do unpaid overtime hours every day and I always win [the same thing]. I plan to leave Subang where the minimum wage is really too low. Other employees also reported that they had already been treated as “animals, assholes and monkeys”.



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