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Ivanka Trump Gets Mocked On The Web. Find out why!!

In 2013, Ivanka Trump, daughter of Donald Trump posted a message on Twitter that resurfaced four years later. She should have thought twice before making this publication. Currently, she is making fun on the Web.

In 2013, when she was posting this tweet, Ivanka Trump was not ready to imagine that it would resurface four years later. According to the adage of a wise Tweeta, that day, the daughter of Donald Trump would have nevertheless had to turn his thumb seven times before tweeting.

The councilor of the American president is indeed mocking the Web for having posted a quotation that she attributed, wrongly, to Albert Einstein. ”  If the facts are not going to have the theory, change the facts – Albert Einstein,  ” she had published. This sentence was never uttered by the Nobel Prize in Physics.


Unfortunately for Ivanka Trump, the Web never forgets and it needed no more to make copious ridicule on Twitter. Internet users wrote, ”  Frankly, I did not say half the quotations that the Internet assigns me – Thomas Jefferson”, “Do not believe everything you read on the internet – Abraham Lincoln”, “I never said This shit – Albert Einstein “,” If you break the law, change the law – your father “,” If a person is dead, they can be quoted about anything and everything – Dark Vado ” We read on the microblogging website.

This sentence of Ivanka Trump is all the more meaningful for this adviser of the president of the United States. He is also owed the now famous term “alternative facts”. Some Internet users pointed out to Ivanka that ”  Einstein never said that. But it says a lot about how your family and yourself perceive the world, “” Was your false quote intended to justify the use of “alternative facts”, more properly called LIES? You do not visibly check any of your information »


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