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‘It’s Gift from God’ – Ugandan Reveals How She Acquired American Accent Overnight

Victoria Akao, a Ugandan businesswoman has stunned viewers when she attributed her overnight American accent to God.

According to Akao, she went to bed and got up with the accent, adding it was when she interacted with friends and relatives that they pointed to her that her accent had changed.

Victoria Akao via Urban TV

“God does extraordinary stuff, right? So I just woke one morning and the accent just came on and I was like ‘okay’ and people started saying ‘Hey what’s up with it?’ And I was like ‘I don’t know!’ because I did not even realise I was speaking like this, so it’s God,” Akao said.





According to the curious lady, she had been a born-again Christian since 2003 and so was not surprised with God’s gift of speaking with an accent.

Akao was part of a TV panel where she also revealed that she could only try speaking the native Luganda as the accent might have substituted with her new one.

It’s hard to make any clear meaning on Akao’s claims for while her claim is outlandish; it could very well be her truth.


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