‘Italy Records Its Lowest Numbers of Migrants Arrivals’ – Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini 

There are fewer and fewer migrants landed in Italy. The Interior Ministry announces a dramatic decline in the number of people who have joined the coast of the peninsula. With sometimes even whole weeks without any arrival. It has been years since this happened .


Since January, only 23,000 people have arrived by sea in Italy. That’s 96% less than two years ago. They left Libya and Turkey. They are mainly Tunisians, but also Eritreans, Sudanese and Pakistanis to mention the most numerous.

Since August, when the Interior Minister Salvini has  blocked a port for 10 days survivors rescued by boat  Diciotti , landings even almost disappeared. Those who arrived did so on their own, without being rescued, most often boats from a dozen Tunisians who arrived on the island of Lampedusa.

Matteo Salvini  boasts of having stopped immigration. He is partly right. Other factors prevented the migrants from arriving: the action of the Libyan coast guards first that brought back hundreds of candidates to the ground, the agreements made by the former government with the Libyan militias responsible for trafficking migrants, and setbacks suffered in the chaos of Libya by these same militias now less operational.


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